Tree Test and First Click - Same test Questions Okay?


Hi UX community,

Me again! I have been tasked to find out more on how our navigation is performing after our website refresh. I want to do a First click test for the UI intuitiveness as well as a tree test for the IA/taxonomy intuitiveness.
Would it be wise to use the same test questions for both tests or do you think wording/problems should differ for these two types of tests?


i think u need to prove that the new nav is better than the old nav. If you can perform the same test using both the old nav and new nav, this will tell you which is better. You might even find that the old nav performed better!?


Thanks @lykc. Apprecaite the feedback. The old nav and new nav are completely different. The new nav and IA are based on tree tests and card sorts conducted on the old site. I’m worried comparing the two wont be conclusive as I’ll be comparing apples and oranges. However I may be wrong about that?