Transition from UX Research into UX/UI Design

I’m a senior researcher (10+ years experience) and I’ve always been interested in being the one designing the experiences I’m testing. I’d finally like to make the switch to a design role either UX Design or a mix of UX and UI.

Are there any former UX researchers who can share experiences on how they did the switch?

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Calling all @Researchers

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I am not a former researcher, but I have two friends. One who switched from research to design and and another that switched from design to research. It’s really about your portfolio. They both had to work on their portfolios to show projects that made them look hirable to companies in the positions they wanted. So if you want to switch to design, you’ll need some design based projects. You can get these from doing volunteer work or pro bono work. You could take a boot camp and get projects there and learn some design skills along the way.


Agree with @jdebari, it’s all about the portfolio.
The goal is creating a current portfolio with cases you can exhibit your familiarity with tools (I.e., prototyping) and the general design quality.

Maybe adding some course in the mix could also be helpful, showing you’re up to speed. Have you considered any?

Good luck!!

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Thank you so much for the tips @vanessaddmacedo and @jdebari! Building up a portfolio makes a lot of sense. I’ll start working on it to get relevant experience and a portfolio to show.

Also, I have started looking into different courses and still I’m weighing my options about what to teach myself and what to pay for in a course.

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