Tourism: How to present a List of Destinations

The case:
We are trying to remake our website (tourism company from Perú).

The way we are approaching this is like this:

Layer 1: Index - Give the client the option to decide how he would like to explore the country

  • Destinations (Cities or specific regions)
  • Atractions (Places inside the destination)
  • Tours (All the tours where you can filter by Destination or Atraction)
  • Promotions

Layer 3: Detailed information about the Destination
In this section, the user already picked a Destination that he would like to explore more. Detailed information will appear and Tours that include that destionation will be shown.

Wait, where is layer 2?

Later 2: List of Destinations or Atractions
If the user clicks on Destionations, a list of them must appear, however, in this case, our company have around 10 to 12 Destinations.
The problem is, How to present this to the user without making it too big?

A list don’t give much information to the user and its ‘cold’
A carousel with so many options doesn’t cut it either

I was thinking maybe adding a map of Perú, clickable, and when a specific region is clicked, on the same page, the info of this destination its shown… but, is this a good practice?

I haven’t see this approach on another site and I wonder why…

Sorry for the long text. Hope someone have the time to read it and give his insight.

Pics of the work in progress:

Layer 1