Totally new in UX Design

Hi guys,

So as the title suggest I am completely new and in fact just heard about this whole UX Designing things about last few months.

So… yeah… basically I watched a few video, and from what I can gather its the process of us trying to create something as user friendly as possible. But I’m stuck in the first few steps of “How”

What I remembered is something about

  1. Test with other user and create scenario or story board

Where should I begin or start or study or practice…

I know I sounded like such a null experienced guy… but I really want to get into this whole UX Design thing.

Hi @azure102this article is a great starting point. Have a read through that and come back with more specific questions so that we can help you further. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @HAWK appreciate your help. that definitely help me to get started !