Tools for recording Usability Review Errors



Hi guys,

Has anybody come across a good tool or even a Google spreadsheet to record usability errors.

Page, error, fix, severity etc.



There was an excel sheet used on one of the slack chats here, I am not at my computer at the moment but @HAWK might be able to link to it? It’s really good.


Thanks, i’ll have a look on Slack.



Due to the 10k message limit that channel no longer has content (it was the heuristics study one).
That document would have come from @Lukcha though, so I’ll tag him in.


Here’s the super simplified Google Docs sheet we used in the Heuristics session on Slack:

It’s based on a standardised set of heuristics I came across in @gerry’s “The Usability Kit” many years ago.


That’s the one I meant :slight_smile: Thanks guys!


Thanks Luke.

I’ve created something similar that seems to work well for my needs so far.
Will evolve it as I go.



Guys, thank you! I needed this!
@paddy Can you share yours too, if it is not a problem, of course.


Hi there,

Here you go, blank google doc version.



Thank you! :slight_smile: