Tools for capturing findings during research


Hey all,

I’m in the process of building and launching a free UX tool that helps you run CX/UX research. Definitely a freebie, not monetising it, but I could do with a little info to help me ensure it works for others as well as it works for me. It’s a tool that helps you record the responses and observed findings during the research sessions, and creating your findings from that.

If anyone here has just a few moments to answer a 5 question survey, then please go to (anonymous survey, no personal details needed). In addition if anyone is interested in getting access to the tool, let me know and I’ll send you the details.

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Seems like an interesting idea.

Completed the survey!


Thanks #rishabhs_dna

it’s progressing well, just need to get some more people using it so I can keep improving the functionality!


Hi Gary, is this still on? I just completed the survey and wanted to explore the tool…


Hi Roland,

the tool is live in a beta format at It’s just about to relaunch in a new and vastly improved format within the next two weeks - so it might be worth waiting a week or two before you play with it. I’ll definitely be looking for engagement then, but it’s up to you.


Sure Gary, thanks.
Also a quick question for you Gary… If you or anyone can name a few tools which can do this job? Thanks a ton.


Hi Gary, could you recommend any similar tools in the market that I can explore?


Hey @roland_decruz00 One of the UXers pulled together a UX research toolbox listing a bunch of tools that she has come across. Might be useful for you to look at.


Thanks @ruth :slight_smile:


Hey @ruth, this is more like a list of all the tools which the UX Designer can use. I need a single tool where I can store and manage all my findings project wise under one roof (documents based on templates, wireframes etc) and share with the stakeholders whenever I have to. Thanks for your suggestion though :slightly_smiling_face:

@HAWK, any suggestions on this one?


I don’t use anything like that, no. Our tools list is here but I’m not sure that will help.

I can’t actually comprehend of something quite like this. I know of tools (like Flex and DoveTail) which help you to store and utilise research findings but I’m not sure how those would go with things like wireframes, which are a very different part of the process.


You can narrow that list down to asset management which may have a small number of tools that can do the job.

You might also want to check out the #ResearchOps hashtag on twitter as this is one of the things that it may cover.


Hi Roland,

FlexUX will launch in the next day or two and can do most of what you want. We’re also going to expand it shortly so you can store your assets and links in the same space, as well as the findings.

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Hi @HAWK, @ruth, for the time being I stumbled on this one
Has anyone been using this? Please let me know…
@gary_bunker, are you building something similar like this one?


That’s @pedro’s tool


@HAWK, I have been exploring it today and looks like this is exactly what I was looking for. Surprising nobody recommended it to me :frowning:


I haven’t used it personally. Glad you have a solution!


Thanks for the shout out @HAWK!

I’m glad you have stumbled upon Caravel @roland_decruz00
That’s actually great timing, cause we’re getting ready to launch a new version of the tool pretty soon, and I’d love to hear a bit more about your needs. I’ll drop you a line tomorrow to show you what we’re working on :wink:


Hey all,

new FlexUX just launched today, with a very strong focus on capturing findings during research and making it easier and faster to report your findings. Might be worth taking a look if that’s the core requirement.