Tool to visualize where your strengths lie in UX


Hey all,

I’ve been going through the job search process of late, I am new to UX and come from a BPI/Marketing background and love the research / conceptual side of UX, but have little experience in the UI / Dev world. I’ve been pretty disheartened to find most jobs in this arena are more UI (or Dev) than they are UX and recruiters seem to pass me along for these positions even though my CV (resume) doesnt mention UI / Dev.

I guess most recruiters see UX and think of it as a continuation of UI/dev (many companies are also failing to make a distinction between those roles) - it got me thinking about how broad the term UX is and how to adequately explain what type of UXer you are / want to be.

I created - its a free tool that lets you self-score yourself across 14 different UX skillsets. I would love to get your on the concept, and please… I would love to hear from you if you have experienced this as a problem yourself.



We were just talking about in our weekly catch up meeting yesterday. It looks like a really interesting tool.

Your dilemma is an interesting one. We’ve had a couple of discussions around lines of communication with UX recruiters lately. There seems to be a real disconnect. Check out the careers forum for those convos.

Oh, and welcome! Great to have you here.


Nice work, John. We created something similar last year, which we called the UX Sundial.