Tool to compare screenshots


Need to show 2 screenshots like “Before” and “After” to the stakeholder just like how we do code compare. Any suggestions besides powerpoint? Thanks in advance


@roland_decruz Well, my direct answer to your question is you could simply show the two sites in two different tabs of a Web browser but…

I’m also thinking that before showing the after design you want to review the issues with the old one, what your designs goals were, the process you went through to develop the design, any relevant data you have etc etc…in other words to show them that your new design is there to solve actual problems and that they are not just pretty makeovers but the result of a process…now doing all that might require some kind of presentation support, I guess it all depends on how how comfortable you are speaking without visual support aids - me I like to have them.

In fact I guess you could build any presentation “slides” in HTML/CSS as well and show the whole thing in a Web browser.


@SteveCrow Thanks and appreciate your suggestion. Will try the HTML/CSS approach.