Tips to prepare a UX Training Session in the company

Hey guys, I have to provide a UX Training Session, so after some research around the web, I have found almost nothing. I’ll appreciate any comments or tips.


hi @javalosorozco

IMO, that’s a very interesting topic. As a designer I spend a considerable amount of time in evangelising the design culture across the companies I work with.

Can you give us some info on what you are planning?

Stuff such as:
Who is the audience?
What is the core of the message you’re going to deliver (eg value of the design)?
What are your expectations regarding the next steps?

Welcome on board :slight_smile:


Thanks, @dopamino for your answer!

Well, I’m in a Semiconductors Company in the Online experience organization. They just added the UX team like 3 years ago, so even I’m new here I notice they confuse UX Team with Design Team with Do-it-pretty Team… :confused:

But, the good news, they have noticed the value of good design (experience). So they are eager to learn, although they would expect ‘operative’ tips (How to address a site restructure, How to learn some UX so they can eliminate big-big-big dependency on us -they ask even for adding a label) and I don’t want to give the “traditional-super-academic” corporate training.

So… besides open a self-help group :stuck_out_tongue: what are your thoughts?
Do you suggest an ‘agenda’ or ‘topics’ to cover?

I would go over the Design Thinking Framework. I think your main point will be to paint a clear picture of how users are involved in the process of design. Use this as a selling point for your team. Do some co-creation and brainstorming activities. Go over good User Research best practices. Does your company have a Customer Advisory Panel? If not, make the case for one.

Hope that helps!


I do believe this makes completely sense.
Design has to be pragmatic, and IMO, has to propose short, mid and long term approaches.

My suggestion is to collect all the points you want to “sell” according this “t-shirt” size approach.
They can be related to all the design process phases (discover, ideate, develop and deliver)

Something like:

task effort stage one stage two stage three
website navigation L main navigation secondary navigation breadcrumb step-by-step navigation N.A.
new typography S Font Hierarchy N.A. N.A.
web-form components upgrade M selector multi-selector text-fields

I hope I made myself clear


Thanks guys, good ideas. Keep you posted!

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