Timeout issues


Also I noticed that the system has very short session timeout. I have already been kicked off all the way and had to log in again and again.

And one more thing according to captchas and sing up process.
Here is an example of http://inside.co ? (link to the original comment on my article about tips for registration forms http://designmodo.com/ux-tips-registration-forms/#comment-122065)
“They skip the registration process altogether — you enter your email, you click the link in your email, and you are signed-in indefinitely. Switched computers? Send a new link, click it, and you’re in.
I was really put off at first but I’m starting to think that it’s genius. Email is pervasive across all of our devices, and it’s the backbone of most security strategies anyway.
It also makes it impossible to create an account with the wrong email (you won’t get the link) or the wrong password (there are no passwords).”


I agree with you on the sign-up process Armen. We’ve had to make pragmatic decisions to balance maintenance and usability. It sucks, but rolling our own community management software so that we can do something like that just isn’t an option. vBulletin has its quirks, but it’s also solid in a lot of areas that other tools fall short.

I’m not experiencing the same timeout issues that you mention though. I’ve only logged in the once since we started the forum. Is it at all possible that your browser is not allowing cookies to be set?


I am using Chrome and cookies are allowed. I am logged in with Facebook, but have to log in again for about every 5-10 minutes after I have closed the tab. If this issues appears only to me than I will certainly find a solution. I just wanted to let you know about it and make our community stronger and better.


Technically, that ‘issue’ could be from the settings of the cookies. There are default values about how long the sessions should last.


I am also having issues with the community timing out after a relatively short period of time. I’m in Chrome on Windows 7.


Ugh, frustrating.

I’m not the sharpest when it comes to cookies etc. My sessions aren’t timing out using Chrome and FF (both for Mac). That implies that it is a cookie issue on your local machine, I think – but if anyone can correct me or offer suggestions, then please do!


I am running Chrome on a Windows 8.1 machine. No issues so far. I suggest navigating to the advanced options in Chrome’s menu - there are some settings for the cookies which might fix the issue for those who have it.


I’m using Safari 7.0.2 and getting short timeouts as well. I think if there are enough people having this problem, it probably isn’t a problem with our local machines (I have no problems with timeouts on any other sites, ever) and might be worth a support ticket with vBulletin.


Hey Matt! How do I reply to your comment specifically, like you did to mine?

Regarding timeout, do you guys have access to settings like this?


Hey Fox,
Matt’s correct, there are no timeout settings in vB cloud. Would you mind giving his other browser idea a go and let me know what the results are?

As an aside, apologies for all the issues you’ve been having. That permissions issue turns out to be a strange bug with the UXpert user group that you were in. I have reverted you to a Gold Member while I figure it out. vB are a little slow on responding to my help tickets atm, but I’m on it.


The timeout problems seemed to have gone away. I made sure the check the ‘remember me’ checkbox and now it is working alright.


Hi guys, I solved this problem for me in this way. I used to be logged in with facebook and the system logged me out every time I closed the tab. But when I start logging in with email the issue stops appearing. So this solution may work for you. Just try and let us know.


I log in with email and have the timeout issue. It’s soooooo frustrating… especially when I’m in the middle of a reply. It seems to only stay logged in for 5 minutes.


I also have this problem and for me that´s also frustrating. always when I write a longer text I am logged out after a while and I get those popup messages.
Only way to resolve that for now is to copy the text and to login again :frowning: