Thoughts on this UX event?



Hello, fellow UX people!
I’d like some professional advice on this design matters event before I fork over almost $900 for a ticket (too late to grab an early bird ticket, but when I looked at it when they were avaliable, they hadn’t fleshed out the program yet).

I am at the early stages of my career, so I am very interested in two specific aspects of attending this event.

  1. Collaborative, hands-on experience through workshops.

  2. Networking.

The conference seems to cater to UX designers a fair bit, which excites me, but I want to be sure that it will be relevant to me, and not solely cater to project managers.

What are your thoughts? Which tracks are “must picks”? Is the event worth $900 for me?
Thank you in advance.


So I don’t know anything about that particular event specifically, but I believe that if you can afford to go to an event, you should.

The networking, the inspiration, the exposure to different ways of thinking, and the pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone are all such important parts of both professional and human development that it’s a YES from me.


Good points. The ticket price is a little spicy though, so I want to be sure that the talks and workshops Are worth it.