Thoughts on tech recruiters?

Hi all,
I put up my resume on,, and other high-volume job board sites.

I’m now finding that my phone is getting 20+ calls a day from recruiters based in India, and getting 40+ emails a day as well from Indian-based recruiters.

At first, I was excited that I was getting “movement” in my job search and replied back to all of them.

But then it started to get just a little weird.

Some would ask me for the last FIVE digits of my social security numbers, some would have me copy-and-paste replies back to them confirming that their company would be representing me… just odd requests all by email.

Forums on Google generally advise to stay away from those types of recruiters, but I’m curious if anyone else has had any experiences with these types of overseas recruiters?

Has anyone actually landed a job from them?

Welcome, @tonyalva87!

Personally, I have never had any luck with those kinds of recruiters. It’s just spam. I don’t upload my contact information when uploading my resume to those sites. If they are interested they can contact me through the platform or via LinkedIn.

Hope that helps!

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My job was gained via professional society job postings and personal contact.

Mostly spam from my side on the recruiters. I’ve had a handful of at-all-applicable contacts in that regard, and most of it is clearly bounties out for collection by underpaid workers, as so many are repeats of the same job position. Likewise, the most beneficial role I interviewed for was a major US corporation that was non-negotiably seeking contract work, but wanted to be coy about the actual numbers and process for full-time transition. I pretty much had the offer, but really was disinterested due to the number of red flags.

I’ve also interviewed with a genuine recruiting professional who I may get back in contact with were I to want to move from my current position.

In the end, the quality of offer is likely to be a matter of how much investment the recruiters are placing in finding you. I imagine it might rise substantially with experience, but at entry level there’s little ease in differentiating between all the applications.

I would also point out that you should never use your social security number for identification with people. There are a lot of scams out there. Always, always ask if the person on the other end is being entirely honest with you. Even if they’re just sloppy, an unprofessional recruiter will get you unprofessional results.