Thoughts on making this a project for the Springboard UX coarse?



I would loke some thoughts/feedback. I signed up for a UX bootcamp with Springboard. Part of it is figuring out a project that can be done where one goes from beginning to end, be it an app or a website…everything from wireframes, to mockups, to personas, to user testing will be covered. One can either come up with a whole new idea or redo an existing site or app.

I’m thinking about using a side project of mine I’ve been working on. I’ve definitely been thinking about redoing this site

How well do you think future clients/prospective employers would think about this if I showed it as one of my main projects for UX?

If you advise against using, do you have any recommendations for a better alternative?

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  • Hi @HAWK, I hope this is a good place to put this, but let me know if not.


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I don’t think there’s any strong reason NOT to use that project as an example, but as a primary case study it may lack a bit of substance in that there isn’t an obvious problem that needs to be solved for the user (that I can see). You could redesign it visually, but who do you perceive research and some of the core UX processes fitting in?


Hi @Hawk,

That is a very good point! I don’t even know where to start then in terms of a project.




You need to talk to @chrisoliver – he’s recently done projects for a course. You can check out his documentation here: Feedback on my first case study?


@nathanphilsteele UX Academy gave us briefs for fake projects, so that was helpful. You might check out Briefbox, they have practice projects, though I’m not sure if they are simply graphic design projects or full ones. I’d also suggest, why don’t you check around and see if you know someone who has a project they need done? Even something as simple as a kid’s soccer team that needs a site that incorporates donations, calendar of events, etc… or a nonprofit in your local area that could use some help?