Thoughts about latest UXPin release?


Hi All,
I’m looking for experiences and opinions on the latest version of UXPin. I think it has great potential and am about to start using it along with Sketch instead of Omnigraffle. Would love to hear from anyone who uses it on regular basis. What are your likes/dislikes? Is it easy to learn? What is it missing? How can it improve? Thanks for your help!


Hi @maryshaw,

I haven’t used UXPin’s latest release, but I have used it in the past. I am a little confused that you want to use it along with Sketch? UXPin is a full wireframing and prototyping tool so you wouldn’t need to use both.

It’s easy to learn (drag and drop interface). There are lots of things that are good and some things that need improvement. Since it is not hard to learn I suggest signing up for a free trial and seeing if it works for you.


Thanks so much! The reason I asked about Sketch is because they now have an integration feature for both Sketch and Photoshop to make more realistic prototypes.