This job does exist: Persist to find your way in your UX career


When you’re starting out in your UX career, it’s hard to know where to begin. Specialist or generalist? Design or research? Or maybe you want to try a bit of everything. We collected some of the most inspiring advice from the UX Mastery community to help guide you through the confusion. <br />
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What a great community of people we have here! That article contains a great collection of advice from people here in the forums. So supportive, but also able to call a spade a spade, and share practical advice without false promises.

I love it. Thank you, everyone. =)


Love this.

Calling in @inca431 @maxflyer @joenatoli @SteveCrow and @leo0 – who all feature in the article.


What a great article! And I can’t tell you how much the support of this community means! Reading all those responses from people really made feel better about my skills (or lack there of… my “generalism”) and was a great boost to my confidence. Thanks to all of you for being such empathetic UX’ers!!


@HAWK thanks for letting me know about this article, it was great, very helpful indeed!