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I’m bored with my usual online news sites. Does anyone have any suggestions for good online reads? I’m looking for journalistic pieces rather than breaking news headlines.


Love this question. I feel the same way. Very keen to see what people suggest.

I’ll tweet it out as well.


From Twitter:


I opted out of everything related to news a long time ago and haven’t been happier since! :slight_smile:
UX articles and case studies for me!
I only indulge in science and design news form time to time and I use Muzli for that :smiley:


Agree with @ari_rahmati. I’ve stopped looking at most news sites and social media and life has become a much happier place! :hugs:

Although if you need a news fix there’s lots of ‘positive’ news sites popping up, such as and


same as richal and ari, people still look at me funny when i tell them i dont follow the news, social media or politics. I’m glad some people do understand!

Great resources listed. Trying out Muzli as it looks interesting :+1:


As designers it’s our objective to go against the grain :wink: Glad you like Muzli, it’s also Chrome extension which gives you more control over the news feed.


Put me in the category of one who doesn’t follow the news. It makes me anxious.


I’ve tried telling my mum to watch the news less as I think it is affecting her mental health.


Thank you!


What an exciting topic guys. As a designer, we are supposed to be updated with News or at least have a good idea of what’s going on. I always find myself hiding from this news category. But its good to know there are positive news sites available for people like us. I will be exploring them soon.


I agree. We have to know a few things of what’s going on. I don’t mean that we have to listen to the news every day, but from time to time reading to some news site, or a journalist that we trust is always helpful.
Staying away from what actually is going wrong in the world is what “they” want.
This leads to misinformed decisions for many choices (elections would be one).

I agree that the situation gets worse and worse, but really, we shouldn’t surrender to this current, but try to make something better from it.
After all we are all part of it either we follow the news, or not.


True. I like to let news trickle into my daily life rather than follow it. For example, I read about design / tech news, then I get exposed to other stories either intentionally or by accident, I read what looks relevant to me and then leave when I feel informed enough about something.
I also prefer to get my news by reading rather than TV channels this filters out the sensationalism and crazy info bombardments.


From Why Doctors Reject Tools That Make Their Jobs Easier - Scientific American Blog Network (2018-10-15):

… Our distractible, rebellious, infinitely curious eyes and hands decide moment-by-moment what deserves attention. While this leeway can lead us astray, with the best of training and judgment, it can also lead us to the as of yet undiscovered phenomena that no existing technology knows to look for. …