The winner of the last Gold Member prize draw for the year is


[drumroll] @dopamino

Congratulations and thanks again for all the value that you bring to this place, Luigi. It’s an honour to have you on board.

You’ve won a book of your choice from our friends at Rosenfeld Media, to whom we’re eternally grateful!


hi @HAWK
thank you so much for the prize and the gift!

I’m not unpleasant as Bob Dylan and I want to send you a great hug to say thank you again.
It’s a pleasure, for me, to be part of this community where I can find inspiration for my daily job, a lot of cool info about the UX world and also cake recipes :slight_smile:

I will go crazy trying to find the right book…

I take the chance to wish all of you a nice Xmas and a wonderful 2017

I will be off-line for one month because some days ago we did this:

and in few days we will do this:

Take care


Congratulations on both accounts! :slight_smile:


Luigi! Congrats on both accounts as well that is super duper awesome and exciting!

Safe Travels!


Congratulations!! :smiley: