The Walking Dead


Our water cooler seems a bit quiet. So, any TWD fans here? I don’t watch much TV but I love the show.

Can’t believe we have to wait until October for Season 5!

I’m certain that I can find a way to work a TWD reference into a UX article at some point …


Had to google TWD :slight_smile: So I guess that makes me not a fan.


Haha, I’ve never watched it either, but I’ve just watched the first season of House of Cards (5 out of 5), Ray Donovan (5 out of 5), True Detective (5 out of 5) and The Black List (3 out of 5).


More of a Sons of Anarchy fan myself… but I’ve been told I should watch TWD about a thousand times! So I have all the episodes now, and will begin soon.

Any Breaking Bad nutters out there? I LOVED that series.

Season breaks are PAINFUL!


I loved Breaking Bad but I had to take huge breaks because it got a bit monotonous at times. Definitely a favourite though.


Yeah Breaking Bad is on our list! A few friends whose taste I trust have recommended it.

I love characters who are complex and you don’t know whether you’re meant to cheer for them or despise them. Usually both.


So I have a new one to add to your list. Banshee. I’m only three episodes in but it’s brilliant so far.


Yeah ‘House of Cards’ is top quality, although the second season is a bit slower. Started watching ‘Cracker’ old show from 1990s being rerun here, its pretty good. P


Too many great shows to watch, too little time! :slight_smile: