The UX Mastery re-design: Sneak a peek and have your say

Just over two years ago, back when UX Mastery had freshly transitioned from just a twinkle in our eyes and become a reality, Matt and I made a decision to hit the ground running with a quick WordPress install, a ‘good enough’ WordPress theme and a logo we put together in Photoshop. Within a day we had the site up and had posted our first article.

We’re proud of what the current logo and website have helped us achieve over the past two years, but there’s been a niggle in the back of our heads about practicing what we preach and creating a fantastic experience on our own website. And we think the time has well and truly come to take some steps in that direction.

We’ve enlisted the help of the fantastic Danielle McClurg from DKH Design with the branding, and are privileged to once again dust off the tools with our pals [URL=“”]Ben Tollady from [URL=“”]Thirst Studios, and the lads from [URL=“”]Foolproof Labs.

There are a lot of aspects to unpack, from the core ‘why UX Mastery?’ motivation that Matt and I believe in; what UX Mastery means to our forum peeps, site visitors, blog readers, subscribers, workshop attendees; the non-visual aspects of our brand; the UCD process we’ve been following; the story of what UX Mastery means and has achieved; and how to manage the change into the new look. We’re intending to write up the full process as a practical case study for UX Mastery readers later next year.

So here is just some of the design work we’ve been doing recently. We’re sharing these unfinished designs openly well before we commit and release because we’d really appreciate your thoughts and constructive feedback during the process. We’ll happily defend the decisions we’ve made so far but we are also genuinely open-minded to suggestions.

We’re experimenting with InVision as a way to share ongoing and updated designs with you all, so head over and check out the UX Mastery Redesign Project over there.

Comments to us can be left on the screenshots, or preferably shared here in the forums where everyone can participate in the discussion. If you missed last week’s Ask The UXperts session where we gave you all a peek at the new designs, you can catch up using Hawk’s transcript of the session.

We trust you guys and value your opinions - please share with us what you see and think! I’ll try and keep pace and update the designs in InVision as we make changes.

See the current and past designs for the project on InVision:

I really like the new designs, they look fresh and creative, but are still really… you guys. So thumbs up from me :).

Thanks Natalie! Sounds like we got the mix right for fresh and creative and authentic.

As an fun exercise, it would be interesting to hear what people think the UX Mastery personality/character is - based on your experiences so far, or what you see in the new designs. Let me know, everyone!