The problem with internships


I am reading more Internship job posts lately, which initially I thought was a good thing. But , especially here in the US, there are 2 different types of internships. The first is the legal one, where the Intern is supposed to benefit and the company is actually supporting the benefit of the intern. So the company loses money during the internship. The other is where the company pays for full experience but at the internship wage, which could mean low cash or just college credit.
I had recently reviewed one such internship and it stated: “As a UX designer Intern, you will work closely with our lead developer and graphic artists”. I know linkedin is not perfect, but there appeared to be no UX designers at the company.
I am not trying to say that the lead developer and graphic artists cannot support this intern, but it almost sounds like they need someone to do the UX work that cannot be done internally. But then pay them $30-$40 an hour.

So I was wondering if anyone has had this experience during their internship. Was it good or bad?