The Offical 100 Day Sketching Challenge



Day 3

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I missed the first two days, so here’s my day 1-3.


Colour makes them look so much better. I need to get some markers.


I’m going to re-do mine in the weekend when I get markers.


You’re starting down a dangerous path. Don’t say you weren’t warned :slight_smile:


I remember from my architecture days. So many pretty colours…


I saw a 100-piece set I was tempted to buy the other day, but I already get flak for being the only one at my office with markers already, and for having overly-colorful notes. A 100-piece set of awesome wouldn’t help my reputation.


Your doodles are cool :slight_smile: Please please, don’t redesign them, your style is very expressive! It’s a pleasure to look at them :blush:


I remember being warned by the 2nd year (industrial design) students not to buy too many colours and to get as many different greys as I could! hahah :laughing:


Day 4

Chat Bot


I concede that I found Future tricky.


Does anyone mind if we share their sketches on our social media?

cc/ @dougcollins and @dopamino


Not at all - feel free!


You have my persmission as well.



more than happy to read that :slight_smile:


deadline rocks!


Only just found this thread but here is my catching up!