The learning habits of digital designers



Hello everyone,

I’m a UI/UX designer in the process of finally designing my portfolio. I plan on sharing information through articles, videos etc. I need a bit more user information on this area before I begin. I’m looking for anyone willing to help me out by quickly filling out a google form (6 questions). Here is the link: .

It’ll really help me out, thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:


Interesting idea! Survey done.


Thanks so much!

If you have any surveys yourself I’ll be happy to help, just let me know :slight_smile:



UX and project management- How do you work?

Thank you AshleaMcKay!

I really appreciate it, as above if you need any surveys completed and I fit the target user let me know :eyeglasses:

I’ll share what I find out here so everyone can benefit.