The impact of CSS grids


Hi everyone,

I am very new to UX (though I am an experience web developer) and I have just been recently learning about the grid systems from a designer’s point of view. I noticed that most current designs are based on N column grid systems (the most popular being seemingly from Bootstrap), but a new player known as CSS grid is arriving. CSS grids offer a very flexible grid system that is not seen in any current web grid systems, how will this impact designers who use grids?


hi @dtrinh100

what does it mean?

what are the features that are not available in other grid systems (eg fluid layout)?


We have already seen the following “Grid” systems, may they be optimal or not. But the CSS Grid system is bring a lot of new things to plate (some may find it similar to table layouts :slight_smile: ). Without bloating the code. LOST is another grid at present which has some similarities and it too does not bloat the code.