The Hawkstravaganza

I’m big on birthdays. Mine is on August 16th and I like to celebrate the entire month of August every year.
This year is a huge one for me – I’m turning 40.
For that reason I’ve decided to call my celebration this year The Hawkstravaganza and it starts today.

(This is perhaps the most trivial thing that you will read today, but that’s what the Water Cooler’s for, right?)

Nice :D. Curious, if you celebrate the entire month, what kinds of things do you do to celebrate? Do you do nice little things for yourself or something for others?
I was recently reading a post a workmate sent about happy things to do at work, I like someone’s comment about anonymously putting a chocolate bar on everyone’s desks.
There are some fun suggestions in here. You could do one of these each day :).

Happy Birthday month! :smiley:

I think you’re going to have to extend the Hawkstravaganza through to September, so we can continue the celebrations when you visit us in Melbourne! :slight_smile:

That can most definitely be arranged.

Happy Birthday Hawk, why not get a sort of ‘advent’ calendar for August, with a new fun thing to do every day. Paddy