The Hamburger backlash!


This was an interesting post that generated a lot of response on twitter -

I think the ‘hamburger’ backlash is well and truly on it’s way, and it is hardly UX’s finest moment if it turns out that sites implementing it have done so purely based on trend and common patterns, and not based on analytics.

As a slight aside, Lukew posted this yesterday, and although you could comment on the copy (Top !!!), it does seem to be another post, which is perhaps pointing out the obvious, if you can display the options… display them.

Thought I’d share!


Thanks Dean, I totally missed that conversation. A great read.

We’re working through the early stages of our redesign, and this is all useful stuff to consider.


I wrote something about it last year (shameless plug - )

I still use as a good example, and as a bad one. Nice to see that theres actual research to back up my (then) gut instincts!


Interesting video on Vimeo which shows where it came from, and how it was intended to be used: ​