The Elf that Came in From the Cold


Hi folks

Hope you all had a great Xmas and New Year break. I’ve managed to squeeze in several trips to the beach and swimming pool (with hopefully a few more yet to come!)

I’ll forgive you if you didn’t manage to read every single article in the UXmas list this year—most people have signed off by the time December 24 comes around.

There were some great reads—many from members of this community, which is just about the most awesome thing ever.

However I did want to also point you towards the final post, which deviated from the formula a little bit in that it was a work of fiction—mostly the brainchild of our own Luke Chambers, but with a little help from yours truly to pull together an amazingly imaginative array of loose threads that came out of Luke’s brain, and throwing a few illustrations in there for good measure.

It’s much longer than expected, but I’m really very proud of how it turned out. If you haven’t done so yet, set aside 20 minutes one day to lap up this ridiculous tale, full of UX in-jokes and more film noir-inspired grit than you’ve ever seen in a UX article, and let us know what you think.



I look forward to reading it tomorrow at lunch :slight_smile:


I loved it! I thought it was so clever and beautifully written with subtleties woven in :slight_smile: It was that engaging it took me almost to the end before I realized what Uncle Xavier meant LOL

Patrick’s drinking game! hahahaha too funny

Forget the formula! That’s what I love about UXmas- it’s so open! :slight_smile:


Very very much enjoyed it! I agree with Ash, I liked the subtleties, and I also thought it was cool how you guys referenced other articles that had been written. Very entertaining, I was sitting at home reading it, chuckling along, sometimes giving my partner a fright!


Liked it very much … there were some great inspierations in the artuicles.
I didn´t manage to read all of them until today but will do that for sure …

Thanks very much for writing and collecting articles/topics :smiley: