The difference between good and great designers

Great design is unambiguous. Everyone should be able to understand the point of the design, regardless of their background, experience, and taste. Do you agree? Alex Palmer shares his thoughts on what makes great design great (and how you can be a great designer too). <br />
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Great designs embrace inspiration from original source (eg. nature) to create an original design. Therefore, the design has individuality, sense, the designers own piece of passion visible in the intensity of the design. The designers thought is desipated through his design as if he expresses himself going deep into himself and his inspiration which become the defining factors of the great design.

Good design: A good design has sense in particular, the perception of the designer is collectively visible through the design. It specifically eases out the operations to be navigated by the user. It is functional, operational but the depth is not visible prominently, it is there somewhere in the curves and corners but not striking out as such.

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