The best free website builder

Could anyone recommend good, user friendly, intuitive and free (of course :smiley: ) website builder?
I’m trying to build my portfolio online on Wix, but it’s horrible! Absolute waist of time :frowning:
Thanks for any recommendations!




Thank you! :orange_heart:

Agree WIX is horrible. Squarespace is surprisingly good though. It has its limitations, but their templates are very nicely designed. Otherwise Wordpress with any number of themes from Themeforest – it has served me well over the years. It is a steep learning curve, but it’s good to know as it is very commonly used.d

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Wow, thanks for great reviews, Tim :+1:

Hey!! I do use Wix however I opted for the paid version, the free I didn’t find too good but once you get used to it it’s not too bad.

I have a colleague that used Squarespace and much preferred it, maybe its trial and error for each of us :thinking:

Good Luck on your search!

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Thank you! Actually, the main problem was that i couldn’t find propper layout. The one i’ve chosen had so many limitations, i spent hours before i’ve discovered some things simply can’t be done in this particular layout. Now i’m trying different one, it looks better. I will give it a chance, and if not will try other option from advices above. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like Wix because you can choose a blank template. It’s the only one I know of that doesn’t require you to pick a template. You can design your portfolio however you want.

Squarespace is fairly easy, but I know from hiring I can tell a Squarespace template a mile off. :grin:


Yeah, my mistake with Wix was choosing bad template. Once i’ve changed it things look much better :slight_smile:
I’ve checked uxfolio, it looks really good, but with free package i can upload only 1 project. And i have two :grinning: so much more, i know :joy: