Testing Design System


The company I’m currently working for is building a design system and we’re planning to use Adobe XD for the interaction.My question is what is the best method to conduct testing for design system? I am planning to use A/B testing since the UI design team is building several designs.


It depends upon what you want to test. A B testing is good for conversions. Usability and Accessibility testing are better for Design Systems.

Hope that helps.


Hi Max,

I am using sketch and I build ui components with storybook https://storybook.js.org/
I hope this might give you some helpful direction!

Hey, I think you need to clarify your question. What about the design system do you want to test?

  • its usability for customers? then you don’t “test the design system” because it isn’t a product for customers. you test products that use it, and only later synthesize the findings to inform iterations of the design system
  • its usability for engineers, devs, designer and other employees who use it? then you need to test multiple journeys that the specific roles have with the design system. for example, you may want to test how long does it take a dev to find the right component to use. or how does the components’ usage conform to the d.s. guidelines over time.
  • its reliability, code quality and individual component’s performance? then you need QA testers for that. they have test suits, unit tests and whatnot (@nitesh_malap’s answer helps here, if you use storybook)
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