Technical question, what are the "margins" in my wireframe?


Hi, I’m creating a wireframe for a desktop… using HD desktop from Sketch template (but putting everything inside the 960 columns)… my instruction is to keep most of the content “in the top 2 margins”… what are the margins? and how do I measure them? thanks!


hi @inca431
are u using a framework to define the responsiveness?
For example in bootstrap ( the gutter width is 30px, 15px on the left side and 15px on the right side.


IIt’s supposed to be responsive, but I’m building the website first… I wasn’t given any column or gutter perameters. If I use standard column and gutter width, what are the “margins”? I don’t know that term
Than you so much for your help.


I’m not sure about the meaning of “margins” in this specific context.

If you follow the main rules from Bootstrap you should build your deliverables following this guidelines.

Anyway, why you’re taking care about margins (and I hope paddings) in the wireframe phase?


I don’t actually know the answer to your question @inca431 but this article might be helpful.


that article is great, than you @HAWK


Are the stakeholders who are telling you this designers? If not, I wonder if what they are really trying to say is “above the fold” as you wouldn’t put content in a margin. Think of margin as what surrounds the document or elements in the document. Like when you use word and set the page margins or the space between an image in your document and a block of text. Though hard to answer without more context.


I was talking to a web developer… and it turned out that he DID mean “above the fold”… not sure why he used the term “margins” as I would have considered margins the colums on the side… but I finally figure it out without having to suggest that I didn’t understand what he meant, LOL!

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