Task Flows Critique


Hey guys, I’m working on a case study for my app, Proxi, and I’d really appreciate feedback on my user flows (design and rationale). Hit me with something to review in the comments and I’ll return the favor as soon as I can! Thanks!

Task Flows


Hi Jed,

I like the way you have the site set up. I think it looks good. That being said, I had difficulty reading the text in the images. I would have liked to have been able to make them bigger easily.

I had the same issue when I took a look at your other projects. The presentation seems too small to be easily seen.

I hope that helps.


I second what Piper said about the image sizes. Also, I am a little confused by your User Flows. They should not have interface elements, just be arrows and shapes with a tiny bit of text.


Unfortunately, I lost the original hi-res images when my harddrive got corrupted. I’m working on finding a code that will let me add a magnify feature. I’ll work on bumping up the scale for my current project. Thanks for the feedback though!


Got it. A mentor I’m following did his flow like this and I guess it rubbed off on me. I’ll try scaling the size of my images as well. Thanks for the feedback!



I don’t know how it’s done, but what I’ve seen in the past is the ability to open a modal window (I think that’s the right phrase), so that the reader can resize the image to their needs. If I’m picturing this correctly, you may not need to worry about getting the hi-Rez images back.


Believe it or not, a LOT of people do User Flows incorrectly. They should be done before wireframes, so you would have no idea what those interface elements would be. Many, many people get this wrong. User Flows are a 5,000 foot view of how your website or app will work.


User flows mixed with wireframes can be a thing. Wireflows.

I’ve worked on projects before where the deliverable to the client was a set of wireflows, rather than separate wireframes/user flows.


While yes, wireflows are now a thing (it’s fairly recent), from a process point of view, user flows should come first, before wireframes. Wireflows are good for certain audiences and they look nice, but are not a technical part of the UX process. It’s about the audience to decide on which deliverables to have. :slight_smile: