Target market/personas and the field research


Hi there,

I’m a ux/ui designer and working on a new lectures app.

This app is for people who already come to lecturs and need the easy way to do that. The lectures are about judaism, and take place in israel.

I’m having a problem with my target market(I’m new in this field)/personas research and having couple of Q.

I thought that a great place to do the interviews would be the lecture’s venues because I know my targets is amoung theme. In some of the venues people siting in groups around a table and some seperatedly.

I wrote down all my demographic and psycographic questions.

What is the average amount of people that I need to interview for demographic and for psycographic?

Can I do the demographic and psycographic at the same time and if so how?

Because It only for the target market, latter on I’ll take 3-7 persons that will represent my market for the personas. Is it a good idea for all of that?

And if any of you have a great book on that matter I’ll be happy to know his name

Thank you all :slight_smile:


Perfect! That is exactly what you should be doing. Well done for beginning your research the right way.

How many? You won’t know until you start talking to folks. What you’re looking for is consistency in findings. It may take a few users to discover themes that you need to back up with further research or if you’re very lucky stop researching because everyone says the exact same thing.

I’d go in for about 8 interviews to begin with, This will give you a sense of the variability of personas you might have.


I agree that 8 is an excellent starting point. By that time you should start to see patterns and consistencies. Interviewing more will give you more detail, but you’re unlikely to see many new overarching patterns emerge.


Thank you both!

Your answers really make me feal more secure about the process.

And about the rest, can I do in this interviews both psycographic and demographic in the same time?

And can I do it with like 2-3 people in the same time?

Because I want to do them in groups


you’re tying yourself up with research labels like psychographic and demographic research when you don’t need to. You don’t have enough numbers to make that distinction yet.

All you want to do now is a random sample of 8 users to get a feel for where the research is likely to lead.

1-1 semi structured interviews work well in this discovery phase.

Do NOT do group interviews. Focus groups or 1-many interviews is the very last technique you want because it introduces bias.


Good advice! I didn’t thought about the bise.
Just didn’t understood what to ask if I don’t label my Q to psyco’ and demo’?
I’m thinking that I need some Q guidlines to extract patterns otherwise I want see any


If I have an assumption that in different city, my target market’s average will be much younger and with extreme difference in life-style, should I do again 8+ interviews or just keep doing, again, untill I’ll see patterns.

I know I maybe asking the obvious…


if that’s what you think then you need to do more research to prove your hypothesis right or wrong.