Talk with Jamie Levy - UX Strategy



Hi all,

I went to a talk last night with the enigmatic Jamie Levy in Leicester UK relating to UX strategy. It was brilliant - there was no ego from her talk, she was very informative and had reaffirmed my opinions in being in this industry.

She outlined the 4 tenets for UX strategy:
Value innovation
Business Strategy
Validated user research
Killer UX Design

One thing I took away from her talk growth hacking and don’t ask permission, be entrepreneurial always.

Photos from the talk are on her twitter account:

Any one else been to a talk from a UX leader?


I’d love to have been there. It’s so cool to meet inspiring people. :slight_smile:

I guess the only UX leader I’ve “met”, has been the online conversation with Don Norman not long ago.


I don’t know if he is a UX leader, for sure is one of my benchmarks in terms of product design.
I did a two days workshop with Luke Wroblewski and it was great.
I was impressed by his capacity to manage the project complexity, his vision in terms of MVP approach (testing and prototyping solutions) and his ability to define a design system for large companies.

Reading his blog and watching his videos is always a good idea :slight_smile:


This is great! I read her book on UX Strategy, very informative. Thanks for sharing.


He is most definitely a UX Leader! I heard him speak once and he was amazing.


indeed he is!
During the workshop, he was able to evaluate UX strategies at the first glance, impressive!