Take my survey please! :)


Hi Everyone,

I’m running a research study at the moment and part of that includes an online card sort using OptimalSort. If you have ten minutes to spare, can you please do this activity for me?


Sorry, it won’t link-ify itself! If I open it up to link it to the activity it may record this as a ‘participant’ who abandoned the activity and mess with my results. Please just copy and paste the link into your browser or go to my twitter profile: @AshleaMcKay

It’s fun and easy and responses are anonymous.

As with any study, please don’t discuss your answers in front of people who haven’t completed it yet. Happy to take any questions via PM :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,



Oh now it wants to be a link… :slight_smile:


Done. :slight_smile:

Not what I was expecting…


Good job! I just submitted mine. =)


Done :slight_smile:


Done. That was fun. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! Optimal Workshop was recruiting participants for me as well and I’ve reached my target of 40 completed responses and I’ve closed the survey down :slight_smile: Will let you know what comes of it :slight_smile:


Hey Ash, great article :). Cool to see the reasons for the sort, and what came out of it!


Thanks Natalie! :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s super cool! How fascinating.


Thanks Hawk! :slight_smile: