Tackling 60+ forms - simplifying language

Hi everyone. I am working on an internal project. I have 60+ online forms (currently in use). These are mostly technology requests of one type or another. They are fairly short - after a brief overview I can see that several have “similar” shared terms - but they use different words or phrases as the field heading. IE: comments box field names can vary such as: “additional notes” “additional comments” “comments”

I was thinking I’d just make an excel document and start to catalog every field name - it’s perceived meaning and group the ones that seem to mean the same thing - then run all of those field headings by users via some type of content testing?

Does this seem on track? Or is this overdoing it? Should I just pick a term that makes sense and then test with users?

Yes, this seems on track and a good idea. You want to be as consistent as possible with label names. Do this first and then you can test your choices with users.