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hi all
we are working on a concept to enhance or Fast Entry page for trading

Some background:

  • User Target: Professional people with a deep knowledge of the available tasks
  • Common User Case: They import data from an external source (es. CSV files) and then they manage each trade item or they perform bulk actions (ex. delete all)
  • Device Target: laptop and large screens
  • User need: they want to perform most of the actions via keyboard
  • Good to Know: They work with several tools that are doing more or less the same stuff (most of them are desktop app no browser at all). They work with at least two screens, during the journey thy make a lot of phone calls and very often they talk directly with the customer

Our current solution is editable-table based and we want to start to implement a solution with a different concept due to the usability of such complex component. Last but not least we strongly believe that in few months some clients will ask for a mobile version (at least for tablets and fablets)

the lo-fi mockups are here:
password: FEBDemo$$

thanks in advance for your time and your brain!


Hey :slight_smile: ,
Just some thoughts off the top of my head.

Visually the checkbox and ‘add new trade’ kind of appear connected due to the grey styling and their proximity to each other. Also not too sure about the search icon with the text 'start typing an instrument" - is this instructions for the below table or a search field?

I’ve seen examples of and worked with:

  • Tables
  • Cards
  • Something in-between before where you basically have expandable rows/cards

I’m not a huge fan of horizontal scrolling with tables, and tables are never really very good for responsiveness.
Other options that hide less, such as your cards can be helpful. What you can do if you want to save vertical space is, put the most helpful (or if not all fields are mandatory all mandatory) fields at the top level and make the card/row expandable to view more information. You just need to make sure it is very clear that you can expand them and have keyboard nav, such as tabbing to and entering to open up a row etc.

If a common use case is more managing individual items or bulk action, it sounds (assumption) like they wouldn’t necessarily be doing large updates of the items either. Are there updates of information that happen more often? You can tailor to this too.

You will already know this, but the most important thing will be to test to check that the change in format doesn’t hinder their ability to fill out information while talking to customers, or entering/updating information quickly.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


hey @natalie_eustace
thank you so much for your post.
I really appreciate time and effort you spent in writing such feedback :slight_smile:

I agree, due the low fidelity of the mockup we are not investing time in defining our look and feel for CTAs and stuff like that

This is a feature already available in the current solution BAs and POs want to keep as it is, and I believe that for the first release we can agree on that (the noble art of compromise)

Great to read that!
This is the approach we want to follow, according our data there are some feature that are not used at all, here, as well, it’s question of compromise with our desktop app

this is very hard to say, as an asset manager you can have 1 or 200 customers to manage every day.
For some of them the trade list is not more than 20-25 entries for others can be something like 300-500 this is the reason why they need bulk actions

Indeed, we want to organize a workshop with some asset managers and I hope we can do that ASAP before we lunch the beta version of the product

It helped a lot and now your post is sticked to our “ideas whiteboard” (actually it’s not a proper whiteboard, it’s a wall)

I wish you a great day