Ta Da! Introducing



Please welcome some folks to the community. I hope to make this type of thread every week. If anyone would like to be included, you don’t have to be new, just give me a buzz.

Lucas (@lucaspacheco_dg) started out as a graphic designer seeking the opinions of seniors designers from all around the world and getting some tips to study efficiently. He’s currently studying on his own and looks forward to seeing how other designers do their thing. He’s also looking for tips and some knowledge of another professional with experience in the market.

Sergey (@Sergey_Rozum ) hails from Moscow, Russia. He’s a sociologist and a UX Researcher. He enjoys using remote unmoderated studies and uses his experience from sociology to make his studies more interesting. He’s also interested in data visualization and is looking to gain some design skills.

Markus (@marks78) has been doing product management in telecommunications and digital companies for 10+ years. UX, design, and UI are his focus areas. He specifically joined us to look for more insight and inputs specifically on UX and design topics. He’s also working on creative designs and user workflows. He thinks a lot about user’s experience and is working on a couple of projects that he may share with us at some point.

Katrina (@krsantaana) joined us a couple of weeks ago. She’s transitioning into UX from HR. She was first introduced to UX when she was working for an interactive design firm. She just enrolled in CareerFoundry and is seriously excited about this stage.

Malin (@malin_liljeblad) came here to learn more about UX and design and have discussions with other UX designers about all things UX. He recently got a job as a digital designer for an ecommerce company and his new boss is keen for him to work on UX. He’s self-taught and eager to learn. He’s also looking to find a niche in a certain subject in order to direct my research and increase my chances of getting a proper UX job in the future.


Welcome everyone, I’ve enjoyed reading your respective introductions/challenges/posts.

@lucaspacheco_dg What course/s are you currently doing? What’s your medium term plan?

@Sergey_Rozum Excellent! Make sure you join the @Researchers group :slight_smile:

@marks78 I also product management with a UX twist. Do you work with other UXers or are you a lone ranger?

@krsantaana From HR? Cool! What made you choose UX?

@malin_liljeblad I’ve enjoyed working through your current challenge. Lots of people come to this place overwhelmed. I respect your honesty. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I started with the Skillshare courses and now I’m planning to do the Master Interface Design course from Aela on the medium term plan that is the most complete course in my country for aiming some big companies.


Welcome. Recently joined myself.

@krsantaana- Would love to hear what you think about Career Foundry. I am a career changer myself and want to find some online learning that will help me develop a portfolio to get me in the door. I have that on my short list. Would be nice to hear what someone thinks about it who is in a similar situation. Why did you pick CF over any of the others?



Done, thanks!


Thanks Sarah! I studied Psychology in college and originally went into HR because I enjoyed working with people and was also interested in human behavior - what motives us, how we think and learn, etc. I had some exposure to the field in one of my previous roles and found it very fascinating. I finally decided to take the leap to make a change, and I’m excited to apply my interests in a different way and to such a dynamic field!


Thanks Bart! I went with CareerFoundry for a few different reasons. For one, I liked the structured format of the immersion course. However, one of the aspects that really helped with my decision was the fact that you’re assigned a mentor and a tutor throughout the course. I’m only on my 2nd week of the course so far, but I think it’s been good and am getting helpful feedback from my tutor and mentor thus far.


Cool! It sounds like you have lots of UI stuff under your belt. Do you intend to branch into UX?


That makes sense. I like the mentor concept. Good luck.


Actually is what I really want.


I have some advisors from which I learn and grow into UX :blush: