Switching Account/Entity



hi all,
we are working on a feature that allow users to switch between entities.
In the fin-tech environment an entity is, in most of the user cases, a country.

Our need is to:

  • provide a quick access to the “switch” feature
  • provide a self-explanatory set of instructions how to perform such task
  • simplify as much as we can the login task due to the security rules we have to face (each entity has is own token value)

I designed a quick and dirty user flow:

I’d like to pick up your brains about this flow.
Looking forward to reading your feedback :slight_smile:


So the user has to select an entity when they log in?

And if they want to switch entity they have to log in anew?

In that case I don’t quite see the purpose of the alert. Why not take them directly to the log-in screen with the chosen entity selected?


hey @Bleke
thanks for your replay

If she/he wants to select a specific entity yes, otherwise she/he will log-in in the global entity as default

Yes they have to, due to the security layer we provide for this specific accounts (it’s a third part login process according the Swiss law)

Good point, we did usability test with professional users (they use massively the keyboard) and we noticed a lot of clicks by mistake during the execution of the tasks. When we implemented such kind of dialogs we noticed an increase in terms of task accomplishment

Is this, in your opinion, a user issue?


It’s hard to say without knowing exactly what the application is. But if it helps the users it’s good.

I guess the alert explains why they have to log in again? In that case you could have a check box in the alert “I understand, don’t show this message again”.


you’re right!

this is a component for our framework, it is designed for building e-banking systems (for end users and professional users)