Swiss Research Excel book - free tool

Hello everyone!
I made an excel calculator for some popular UX/CX metrics and want to share it here
Any feedback is welcome!

With this excelbook you can easily calculate:

  • SUM (Single Usability Metric) - a single metric for measuring usability
  • UMUX (Usability Metric for User Experience) - a questionnaire for measuring the usability of a product
  • CES (Customer Effort Score) - assessment of the complexity of a particular action
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) - measures the loyalty of customers to a company
  • CSI (Customer Satisfaction Score) - the index of satisfaction with the product
  • ODI (Outcome Driven Innovation) - determining the significance of the job statement within the jtbd and the outcome driven innovation approach (Ulvik approach)
  • Kano model - proiritize features on a product roadmap
  • PSM (Price Sensitivity Meter) - four questions to identify the optimal product price


  • Easy calculation - just paste raw data (codes or answers) and get the results
  • Plots for every metric
  • Benchmarks, where possible
  • Easy localization and custom formulations

You can download is at my github - GitHub - UXRozum/Swiss_Excelbook: Swiss Research Excelbook for UX/CX metrics

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Bumping for a feedback
Did anyone try to use it?
Maybe I should change something to make it more usable and useful?