Swap: 10 minute portfolio review for 10 minutes of my doodling



Full time business architecture guy, 2 years out of university, with a short UX course (Academy XI) early last year but only recently collected a portfolio due to unfortunate life circumstances. Broad but shallow network.

My site is at https://shuvalov.design/, and I’m concerned that:

  • My projects are not telling a coherent story about me as a designer.
  • I need more “pure” digital projects (e.g. end to end mobile)
  • The site design is too “Cute”

If you provide feedback, I’ll doodle a you-wireframe, in case you want to prototype any of your life choices in the future.

Extra credit asks: At the moment, money is no object, and I would love to just dive into design. My plan this year is to do a part time masters degree at Sydney’s COFA and try interning/contracting/being a nusisance during the day. But that is driven by an idea that a complete career change needs to be supported by “free” experience, and my current organisation (giant bank) is very difficult to crack into regarding design. I’m considered young for my species - but am I considered crazy?


Hey Joshua,
Happy to help – no trade necessary. :slight_smile:

Overall I like the impression that your portfolio gives. It’s clear, easy to navigate, and well designed. I don’t think the site itself is too cute, but your logo is bordering on it. Changing that to something more professional looking might make a big difference.

The primary thing that stands out is that you haven’t documented any processes at all. They don’t need to be for digital projects, but you need to case study some projects from start to finish to demonstrate your thinking.

Chris has done a good job of that in his portfolio.

Also spotted a typo: “Were possible, I help my team build staff journeys & service”

Extra credit: If you have the means to do that then I think it’s a fantastic approach.


Thanks heaps!

I’m a little confused on the second point though. I’m not sure I understand the difference between, say, https://shuvalov.design/service-design-nsw-department-of-education and http://www.chrisoliver.co/spendrise. My best guesses are:

  • He talks in more detail about tools
  • He has more photos of him in front of a whiteboard (if I have any feedback on my course, it’s that they actually missed this part!)
  • He talks more about person-by-person tasks?

Are those the differences I should be paying attention to?


Woah – I owe you an apology!

I made that previous response on my first day back from 3 weeks off work and it looks like I dropped the ball. TBH I can’t remember what I looked at, but you’re right – your documentation is absolutely fine. I somehow missed it. Sorry about that, and thanks for the puppet – hilarious!