Survey: UX Protoyping tool/Industry

With all the tools for layout and prototyping for UX out there, I am curious if there is an industry-specific correlation. What is your layout tool and industry. I’ll start…

Sketch / InVision / Abstract / Zeplin : Food distribution

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Fun question! These are the tools I’ve settled down on for layout/prototyping, the industries are current and past.

Balsamiq / Affinity Designer / Axure RP / Javascript : Healthcare, Fintech, CRM/CX, Software

Toolchains are one of my favourite topics!

UI flow diagrams / thumbnail sketches / Balsamiq or AxureRP or Bootstrap Studio / Sketch in collaboration : Agency and Freelance consulting

Haha, I first read it as food distribution being the end result: bread on the table :wink:

In the SF Bay area, it’s mostly the following three tool workflows:
Sketch / InVision / Abstract / Zeplin
Adobe XD