Survey Tools

I have been using Survey Monkey since I started in research. It has been a useful tool, but I am wondering what other survey tools folks here have used. What do you like about them? What do you hate about them?

I am seeking honest evaluations concerning your experience with these tools.

FYI, I have and will continue to design surveys for everything from Market Research to Customer Satisfaction and more.

Thank you.

Have you tried Google? It may not have the measurement ability of Survey Monkey, but for simple surveys, I found it really easy to use. To find users to take the survey I find posting on a reddit in the subject area can be helpful.

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I’ve been using Survey Monkey for quite a while but now due to some legal stuff I’ll have to change. Any recommendations?!
Background - Due to company policy, I can’t go with Google and Office365 Forms and TypeForm are too basic…
So ideally I’m looking for some direct SurveyMonkey competitor, as I really like their product.

@HAWK - I saw this great list (UX Tools – UX Mastery ) you posted in another topic and I’m thinking if there’s any ranking of the “most loved ones” inside the Surveying Users section…?

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I have been using SurveyGizmo since early 2017. SG has its quirks but it seemed to be the best competitor to SM that I could find. I hope this helps!


Great question! Unfortunately not. :frowning:
This is a great question for our @Researchers though

I know Survey Monkey is one of the only survey tools that can be used for medical Research. I am thinking that’s why you can’t use the others. :grin:
I think there is one called Qualtrics that does the same. It’s not cheap though.

Good luck!


Back in classes, I got free access to Qualtrics, which I thought was remarkably robust and beautiful. Might be worth looking in to.