Survey about restaurants


Hi all,
I’m conducting user research for a project about restaurants and food habits.
It’d really help me out if you could take this survey, it’d only take about 3 to 5 minutes.

Here is the link to the form:

Thanks in advance, and have a great day.

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One bit of feedback – I’m a mother/homemaker with a job and both are full time (I work from home and don’t put my kids in childcare). I had to choose one or the other which always confuses me.


Thank you so much for taking the survey, and for pointing the tip. I’d missed making that a multi-select.


@enlightened_06, a few things I noticed that you might want to keep in mind:

  1. How often do “you” cook at home - I personally don’t cook at home frequently but my wife does which means that I frequently eat the food she cooks. You might want to revise wording to more clearly state whether you are measuring households or individuals.

  2. You asked, “How often do you eat outside food?” but then provided a scale which implies that I either “prefer” home cooked food OR eat out everyday. Those references are not like terms. One should take care not to inadvertently exclude groups by use of grammar. I might prefer to eat at home but happen to eat out everyday do to scheduling or travel or some other reason.

  3. You noted that your survey is about restaurants but I felt like more of the survey was about home cooking habits. What are some of the questions you could ask about going to restaurants? Where do they eat out most often? Close to home? Close to Work? What price are you typically willing to pay for an average breakfast out? Lunch out? Dinner out?

  4. How about asking the number of hours per week they usually work?

  5. Also of importance in your survey is probably geographic region and household income. Both will tell a lot about why the individual makes the decisions they do.

Great start, it’s nice to see folks sharing UX Surveys and Tests with one another. I personally would like to see more of this sort of thing in the future.


Thank you for taking the survey and for the thoughtful feedback.
Since it is a survey about restaurants and food habits, I had to include questions about cooking and having food at home. I did have a number of questions I wanted to add, but the challenging part is achieving balance. I was conflicted between the number of questions vs the amount of time it’d take the participants to answer. So I decided to go for the most vital questions (the ones that seemed so to our research), and to have the survey time to be under two minutes.
I’m still learning on this, and your feedback helps a lot, thank you.