Survey about Human Centered Design and Personas

Dear Community,

I need some brain juice about HCD & Personas for a startup that wants to sharpen it’s value proposition (Currently in Private Beta)

Survey takes 2 minutes only:

Thank you in advance,

ps: If you want, try to get a seat and sign up on [Pliik] (

Done and done. Good luck!

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I have filled this in for you.

I found this a good starting point for personas to build on.

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Done as well! I found some of the questions didn’t apply, but there was no way to say this as part of the survey. I left a comment about this at the end, I hope the feedback is useful! :slight_smile:


Thank you Rebecca for the feedback about the survey and taking your time to fill it in :slight_smile:
Live long learning :girl:

I didn’t complete the survey, “How often do you create new personas”? That isn’t a numerical value for me, they are created if and when needed. If I’m working on a new product then I would get the internal understanding of the userbase, and create proto personas. I’d then go out in the wild, find these people, interview them, and turn them into something more concrete.

As you can perhaps tell I can’t say 1,2,7,12 to that… it depends.

The following question was, “How many people are involved when you create personas”? By ‘create’ do you mean how many people put together the physical deliverable, or how many people are involved in understanding the user? I’d do a UX questionnaire to try and find out what business knew about the people who they believe will be using the product, then I’d go out and find people to speak to - again if you mean this, then it depends.

Hey Dean

Maybe the question about the amount is a phrased wrongly. Actually it is about the number of new projects you have and to figure out, how often you create personas in general.

The next question is about involvement is of the number of people understanding the user.

This is the startup we are talking about: if you want to sign-up to private beta :slight_smile: Everyone! Also, we need some more people for 20’-online interviews to figure out the value proposition. If you feel like and you’d like to free up some time; My Skype-ID: julianne.pliik

Thank you loads all!