Summer holidays!


Hey all,
I’m on summer holidays (yay!) for the next couple of weeks so while I’ll be checking in every couple of days, things might be a bit quieter around here than usual. @ tag me if you need me. :slight_smile:

See you on the other side.


Hrm :smirk:… Feels like winter here last I checked!

Just kidding!

Have fun Hawk!


Looks out the window, sees snow, and get’s jealous.


Maybe I should start posting beach photos to make you jealous. :wink:


It kind of looks like Summer… I mean there is sun… and if I stick on my RAB, a wooly hat, gloves, 3 jumpers, 4 pairs of socks, a neck scarf, a scarf for my face, and some thermal underwear, I guess I could really trick myself into thinking it isn’t minus temperatures outside!


To be fair, I enjoy winter just as much as I enjoy summer… I snowmobile and snowboard so I look forward to Mt Everest amounts of snow,.