Suggestions to make a new UX research platform more appealing?

Hello everyone, I am working on the development of online user testing and usability platform and we have a hard time getting it out to the world. We are genuinely convinced our platform could simplify UX researchers & designers work. That is why we are looking for any feedback or advice on how to make it more appealing for UX experts.
Thank you!

It isn’t clear what do you want from us. Try to ask some specific questions.
Like eg. do you want to know what we use to collect and archive research findings now? Or do you need feedback on a new product?

I’m glad to help, we’re looking for a tool like that at my company and will probably end up with just using Confluence (because everyone’s in it already and knows how to use it). So in my case, a Confluence plugin would be great.


Hi, thank you for your response. So, as I mentioned above I am working on the development of UXtweak and getting it to UX experts is very challenging. My questions for you are: what would it take for you to try UXtweak? What would make you switch from other UX tools to a new one?
Thank you for any help

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You didn’t mention what you’re working on, thus my confusion. Now it’s more clear :slight_smile:

UXtweak is not for me, I’ll tell you why. It seems, from your website, to be mainly remote usability study management tool (competition to something like Treejack, but certainly with more features).
We don’t need that, we already manage our studies just fine. What we do need is a tool to collect findings in. To fill in, sort, discuss, share, compare and archive them.

If you have an option like this, I can certainly give it a try.