Suggestions on connecting with UX community in San Francisco mid-February


Hi, I’m currently based in Hawaii where the UX community is very small. Therefore, the opportunity to get involved in UX is very limited.

I have been seriously considering a career change into UX (and relocating when I’m ready to make the jump) but would first like to connect with more people in the field in order to get more insight.

I will be going on a trip to San Francisco mid-February and would like to take advantage of that time to connect with the UX community in the Bay Area. So far, I am planning to attend a meetup, but would also like the opportunity to shadow a UX team from either a company or an agency (or bot). I am also happy to take people out to coffee.

Any suggestions on how I can plan my trip so that I maximize my time there?
Any tips on organizations, agencies, companies I should reach out to?


Hello, and welcome! It’s great to have you here :slight_smile:

I’d check out the Meetup groups for UX in San Francisco. It looks like there are a few having events in mid-February. Even if the niche that they’re talking about doesn’t interest you, they’re usually great networking opportunities. The UXPA BA (Bay Area) is having a meetup on February 15. If I were going, that would be the one I would target.

I’d also sift through some of the Facebook pages on UX in the Bay Area to find any organizations holding events.

I wish I could give more SF-specific advice, but as I’m from Denver, that’s about the best I can do. I hope that helps!


Thanks @dougcollins! Unfortunately, I will not be there on the 15th for the UXPA BA meetup, but I plan to attend the GA UXDI info session on the 22nd. I will also be shadowing an agency while I’m there.

I messaged one of the FB groups. I hope they respond! At this point, I’m just eager to learn more about UX!


I can tweet this out to our wider audience for you Pauline. See what else we can pull together.


I have news @paulinetmoran !

The UX team at are happy to take you under their wing.

Kostas contacted me via Twitter. You can find him at


Thank you so much, @HAWK ! I will reach out to him. I appreciate you helping out.