Suggestions- Combining Ecommerce with Q & A community like quora


Dear Team,

We currently have our sports clothing brand in the same sector we are bringing a question and answer community little similar to quora (not design but model wise) for sports and fitness enthusiasts. On this Q&A platform a user will be able to ask their questions and gets advice from other community member and also from our experts.Our major reason to start this is to solve the knowledge and advice problem in sports industry. This will be Android Mobile Application.

One of the major reason for asking this question was that we don’t want design to be where user feel that this Q&A community have been made to sell their products as due to this users won’t freely share their thought’s or give their suggestions like in quora.

We though of design and experience where one user enter the app they see 2 option, brand and community. Now when they enter into individual option 2 of community then they have their complete different experience like Quora. If they went in option 1 Brand then there is only eCommerce there.

We are confused if this experience or any other experience will work better or there should be some other design?

I wanted your suggestion regarding this problem. Please share your thoughts. Any example will also be of great help.



Hi Rachel,
Housing the community and the brand on the same site is always going to create some cross pollination (for instance, you’ll likely get people asking questions about your products). To avoid this you’ll need separate sites.

That said, I’m not sure that it’s an issue. People use branded communities all the time (you’re using one here) without fear of being sold to. That comes down to behaviour modelling.

Does that make sense?


Hi Hawk,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, this absolutely makes sense.

We were in process of making the wire frames for our mobile app, any suggestions on how we can test behaviour modeling before we code the app?

Suggestion on the process we should follow would be of great help.


I’d consider using something like Invision to test your prototypes.