Studying - creating a problem statement

Hi everyone,

I’m currently studying UX foundation course and part of a activity is to create a problem statement.

I have several ideas but finding it hard to hone in a idea/ problem. Would appreciate some guidance.

My ideas so far:

  • improving an e-commerce site - better navigation and smoother process for customers to buy the items. (though I feel this may not be challenging enough)
  • Mental health or improve the ux on the Calm app
  • How to help local businesses who aren’t IT-savvy get their business online
  • Virgin Active have a website but not a app for booking
  • environment/ recycling/ sustainability
  • improving the Service NSW website - being able to find the information and ensure it has enough information that is clear and concise to follow.

Thanks, Jane

Which idea are you most interested in and passionate about? How did you come up with these ideas? Was it through observation?

Hi Jane,
Looking at your list above it seems like you have landed on some things that you think are a problem - I’m a big fan of starting with your gut instincts. So you need to start back a little and determine is it really a problem. Undertaking a heuristics evaluation can add a little rigour to this. Or alternatively do some guerrilla research - informal conversations can help. A good way to craft a problem statement is Who, What, Where, Why. Analyse against each of these who is impacted by the problem and to what extent? What is this problem, list out the symptoms not the solution. Where and when does the problem occur and what is the extent of the problem. Why does it need to be solved, why now? What would happen if you did nothing? Once you have all those pieces you can craft it into a problem statement of 2-3 sentences that include the who, what , where and why.


Hi, yes a mix of observation and personal experience, I have picked my problem now, thanks.

Thank you Libby, I picked my problem and ran it against the questions you provided which all makes sense :slight_smile: