Struggling with new ideas to propose to client


I am UX team lead who’s working with a large fintech company for about a year now. Focusing on optimize their websites. We helped them establish a conversion rate optimization program at the beginning of the year and started a/b testing. It’s been tough to see impactful results we can trust because their data tracking is not implemented correctly. We’ve tried to get them to fix this issue and due to limited bandwidth, it’s still in the works. We are primarily focusing on their blog sections of the website and don’t test on their product or landing pages. I am building a case to try to test on some of these other pages because I’m running out of ideas on what to test on long format blog articles. We don’t have accurate user engagement data or access to their user behavior tool called Glassbox. The team is not 100% sold on qualitative user research as they primarily focus on seeing results from their analytics.

I’d like to know if anyone has ideas on how to present ROI for qualitative user research to a company that is mostly focused at only looking at quantitive research? Our SEO team is great at helping them bring in the traffic, but I’m responsible for coming up with ideas to convert that traffic into leads. I appreciate your time and feedback.


Maybe appeal to authority?

This article comes to mind from a renowned institute

Probably are better articles on that site for your goal. You might even pay for a rapport by them, then they invested in it, and you can them ‘return their investment’ by applying lessons learned. The lessons you already had in mind, but ok :).

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I have done a similar project but mine was how to track the leads. if your goal is to convert the traffic to leads, why don’t you evaluate the landing page? there might be some issues ‘along the way’ as to why the conversion is low. why do you focus on blog sections? do you have any CTAs that lead the prospects to your landing page? maybe assess the landing page – streamline the fields, and make it easy and super fast for everyone to sign up. identity the drop off etc…

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This is great @Juliu. Thank you for sharing this article. Yes, I have been working on a deck to present to them a good case for user testing. I’ll user some of the information from this article to show our client that user research doesn’t have to an enormous undertaking.

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@rrpx I am dealing with both the issue of accurately tracking leads from the websites and then coming up with ideas on how to convert the traffic to the website into leads. Part of me presentation is to highlight the importance of the consideration stage of the sales funnel. This might give us an opportunity to get buy-in to optimize the landing pages, which we have not control over right now. Right now we just have the ability to test and give recommendations to optimize the blog section of the website, not the landing pages. Hopefully, with what I’ll present to our client will help show the importance of seeing the entire buyers journey of our users.

i don’t think you can do much analysis on blog section only. the conversion happens in landing page - where the form is. unless this is where the traffic is coming in. only ideas i can think of here, is ofcourse the CTAs.

@rrpx yeah this is where I am struggling because we’ve optimized CTA’s for the entire year, and there is also a lead form on these articles. There is a landing page with the primary lead form, but the department we are helping does not have ownership of that page. Since we do not have much data, I’ll present the benefits of gaining ownership on at least 1 landing page and the product pages. This can help us come up with stronger hypothesis and hopefully see more impactful results.

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